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Presenting Sponsor 2023

AFYA Skin and Body Clinic illuminates and guides you on your journey to glowing, radiant skin and a healthy body. We’re here to accompany you on your way to manifesting the best version of yourself. “AFYA” translates to “health”, and it is the philosophy by which we live. Offering our 

clients skin and body treatments that achieve health and beauty harmoniously. We achieve this by providing the highest standard of medical aesthetics and the latest scientific advances have proven to be the safest, and most effective. Coupling state-of-the-art technology with modern techniques, our incredibly skilled medical professionals - both nurses and aestheticians - are equipped in providing a wide range of services and innovative skin and body treatments to help you achieve your goals. We provide long-lasting, tangible results that positively change lives. 

Our clients are part of the AFYA family, and we provide our treatments in a safe, trusting, and comfortable environment. When performing our assessments our skin advisors will embrace your concerns and insecurities without reservation or judgment. We’re impassioned every day to make a difference in our clients’ lives and that drives us to consistently deliver the highest quality experience in every individually tailored treatment. 

We want to empower, educate, uplift, and support our clients on a journey to boosting self-confidence and improving the health of their skin and body. We welcome everyone to our clinic and we can’t wait to see you and start on this incredible journey together to help you feel comfortable in the body you love! 



At the very heart of Guelph, Glow Spa by AFYA is a sanctuary of well-being, peace, and elegance. 

Located in the heart of Guelph lies a stunning oasis of self-discovery, wellness, and relaxation— Glow Spa by AFYA. Celebrating the intersection of the revitalizing benefits of touch and technology, this unforgettable spa experience awaits guests with opulence and a vast array of service choices to soothe the spirit, rejuvenate the body and ease the mind. Glow Spa by AFYA, offers the pleasure of embracing the unique opportunity to awaken the senses. Every detail in this 8500-square-foot historic mansion in Southern Ontario is meticulously tailored and designed to create a restorative sanctuary of wellness and tranquility. Upon entering, guests are guided by the philosophy that we are not escaping life, but investing in a life well-lived. 

At Glow Spa by AFYA we believe the fundamentals of true wellness transcend basic self-care. It’s about genuinely elevating the quality of life, creating a feeling of peace and belonging, and gently allowing the mind and body to beautifully reconnect.


Silent Auction: Head to Toe Glow Party


What to expect:

The customized spa experience provides each guest with a specially tailored treatment guide, self-directed food, and beverage stations for convenience and ease of movement, access to our specialized skin bar and a generously expanded retail area. We encourage our guests to extend their visit and enjoy our licensed lounge and outdoor summer patio. 

Our service menu includes everything from the serenity of our restorative massages, to the full-service Glow Pods where guests receive their treatment selections in ultimate comfort, style, and privacy. Glow Pod options include hand and foot treatments, our fully customized facials, and a selection of add-on services designed to enhance guest experiences. The Pods allow for a sense of community, encompassing a space that is optimal for group experiences and Glow Parties with friends. 

Our team is here to not only provide exceptional service but to exceed expectations. Guests are met with empathy, a friendly and welcoming demeanor, and a resolutely high-end treatment. Our service begins from the moment we first say “Hello.” 

AFYA invites you to experience our newly constructed Spa, unveiling September 2022. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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